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Hello this message is for ****. Hello this message is for **** the third my name is Mr. Calling from Credit one Bank. Please call us back at 1-877-825-3242. Thank you.


This is Greg Fagan calling from NCB Management Services please call me at 1-833-976-2149 Monday through Thursday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM 8:00 PM Eastern Time Fridays 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time. Again Greg Fagan 1-833-976-2149. Today Saturday till 1:00 PM.


Hi this is Bob Burger from NCB Management Services Incorporated. Please contact me my phone number is 833-465-0281 Monday through Thursday from eight to eight Eastern Standard Time or Friday from eight to five.

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Wanted my husband and my husband and we live in another state right now and still have a Texas number. They are a collection company and are rude, demeaning and demanding. Do not bother to fool with them. We have received nothing from these people and have no idea who they are. They need to be sued because they hae threatened and threatened us and started calling us from California and now it has followed us for apparently 20 years. That is the date they gave and told us we owed for something and it has now followed us all the way across to Texas. We do not live in Texa but they are threatening to sue us where we used to live 20 yeaars ago that was in Texas. They claimed that was when they debt occurred? Then blamed us because we moved and never told them 20 years ago. Do not bother answering these people. I have turned them into the Texas Attorney General. If they call you then you do the same.

9/28/22 4:23 PM

Magazine collection company. Scam artist.

6/28/22 7:29 AM

scammer calls leaves no message

5/16/22 1:52 PM

This is Wayne please return my call. No other info just to return his call and he didn't leave a number so without caller ID there wouldn't have been a number.

4/8/22 11:37 AM

Keeps calling saling home extended warranty

A YouMail Subscriber
3/29/22 1:36 PM

This number calls me several times a day and I have no business with them.

A YouMail Subscriber
3/29/22 6:33 AM

Just a bunch of music playing for 5 minutes

11/2/21 6:13 AM

Asked me to add my Chase Debit card. Sounds like Chase until you hit 0 for operator, etc... I actually do not have a Chase Debit card..... sent text to me saying URGENT PLEASE CALL 346-299-2287... seems automated to get you to enter debit card and pin....

8/30/21 9:40 AM

All masks, all the time

8/23/21 10:12 AM

Calls early in the morning 5-6 times back to back.

8/10/21 6:32 AM

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