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Let me pass Ethan manager T C are qualified for that E R C and the $26,000 per employee. Hello. You have reached the central processing center for employment retention credits. I am a virtual assistant and I can direct your call. Let me confirm some information before I transfer you to your assigned counselor. If your answer is no and to any of the following questions. Please press one to be transferred to a manager and put on our do not call list, do you believe that your business revenue was affected by the Cove inn pandemic there are programs that have been established to help stimulate the economy. We may be able to help you receive up to $24,000 per employee. If you qualify please press two to be transferred to a counselor. If you do not qualify please press one to speak to a manager and be put on our do not call list.


Hi it's tamara(?) has been disconnected or is no longer in service. If you feel you have reached this recording in error and try your call again. My name is Martin Oliver giving you a notification call from our department of tax that and Financial settlement Services. There are new programs that can help you reduce or eliminate your debt completely. It's possible that your tax debt can now be considered temporarily non-collectible. You can call me back at my personal desk 1-833-312-3245.


Hey this is Alexis with Credit Relief and I'm just following back up with your request to get some financial help as I did get you an approval I think you're gonna like just the program is on a first come first serve basis. So call me direct at 949-272-9292 and I can explain. Thanks so much and I hope to talk to you soon.

Recent Reports for 332

block Spam 332-378-0156

No msg left but just the roar of multiple voices from a call center.

A YouMail Subscriber
8/5/22 12:31 PM

block Spam 332-260-5799

SPAM. Will text you with: Congratulations!!

8/5/22 9:22 AM

block Spam 332-239-4576

Offering Business Financing. Do not own business. Unsolicited call. Spam.

A YouMail Subscriber
8/3/22 9:11 AM

block Spam 332-244-8238

Call about claiming my prize of a vacation for three blah blah blah after reading the comments on here I had to go to the back and this is the same person that was calling and calling and calling constantly about a lift chair trial SMH

Who Knowz
8/2/22 9:04 AM

block Spam 332-230-7561

Unsolicited SCAM or FRAUD caller left cryptic name and 3-4 seconds of loud noise.

Maddas L.
7/28/22 3:18 PM

block Spam 332-237-7517

Supposed UPS notofication. Not in English

7/27/22 7:22 AM

block Spam 332-334-3748

This number appears to belong to credit card scammers.

Katherine R.
7/21/22 11:41 AM

block Spam 332-249-3288

this # 332-249-3288 doesnt leave voice mail

7/15/22 3:00 PM

block Spam 332-245-1370

Texted me saying Come in for lunch on us. I have no idea who it is or why a restaurant would send a text

7/14/22 3:38 PM

block Spam 332-237-2094

This person is a scam artist and they ripped me off for over $10,000

Karen Owen
7/5/22 7:59 AM

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