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Hello I'm a virtual assistant for Alexa Miller with US Tax expert and A+ BBB rated company. We were trying to reach you regarding on the use of your debt relief program that is now open for enrollment. Our record shows you may still have some open past that and the new zero tax release program will allow you to eliminate this debt giving it will be deemed temporarily non-collectible. However you must elect during the current open enrollment. If you have tax debt and would like to enroll in the program. Please press one if you have no type that or simply not interested please press two to be removed on our list. Thanks and have a good day.


You have reached the Central processing center for the US tax tax expert. This is a notification call from our Department of tax and Financial Settlement Services. The purpose of this call is to inform all US citizens who may owe back taxes about the new back taxes compromise program. This program is part of the American rescue plan put into effect by the new administration and is now open for enrollment. The new compromise program will allow you to significantly reduce or eliminate your back taxes your back taxes can now be considered temporarily non-collectible. However you must select to enroll into the program now it is only open for a limited time. If you have over $10,000 on your back taxes please press one if you want us to put your number on our do not call list please press two.


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(319) 559-5262

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