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This is to inform you navigate is no longer servicing any student loans and all student loan payments will remain suspended until the end of August. After that your payments will start back up automatically most people have received and finalize the dismissal on the balance of the loan. If you've not received your dismissal a petition will be filed on your behalf. So that your loan payments do not beginning September if you're being serviced by and Abby at nelnet sallie mae bed loads or great Lakes press five on your phone now if your service or was not listed you may also press five and will help you look up your Services, thank you.


Hello, please listen to this important message. This is a final attempt to reach you regarding your student loan as of Tuesday, March 15th your student loan has been flagged for full forgiveness please reach your dedicated loan office at 878-219-4474 again, that number is 878-219-4474. Thank you bye.


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(319) 559-5106

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