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(319) 559-5043


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C***** A****


Waverly, IA US

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Not hang up. This is not a sales call. We are calling to let you know that because you have Medicare you qualify to receive a free Corona virus test press three now to get your free Corona virus test shipped out to you. Once again press three now or press two to be placed on our do not call list. Thank you and have a good night.


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(319) 559-5043

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The best!! Have been using it for years. Recently switched phones and was getting a disconnected message, but just figured it out - forgot to set up my carrier. Anyway, everyone loves getting a personal message when they call. Love it!
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Been using this app for 3 years and love it, the smart call blocking very helpful
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Horrible you can't never speak to no one. I can't get call from my phone.But now it's not working and I can't speak to know one about it if you don't have a paid order service. Sucks.
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