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Hello I'm calling regarding your eligibility for loan forgiveness. It looks like you may qualify for forgiveness based on the current income driven guidelines. It's urgent that you return this call to complete the application prior to payment resuming soon. As a reminder all loan status is qualify even those in default and garnishment. So please call your dedicated enrollment specialist at 1-231-216-1101 to complete your application and finalize your enrollment as soon as possible as the benefits are offered on a first come first serve basis. Again the number is 1-231-216-1101. Thank you and have a wonderful day.


Hello, I'm calling to remind you that the student loan forbearance extension is set to expire soon and records indicate that you are not in a program yet. However, you are pre, qualified for the income driven forgiveness program, but additional paperwork must be completed please call us back at 1-254-283-0736 to complete your application and finalized your enrollment as soon as possible. Again that number is 1-254-283-0736. Thank you.


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(314) 384-0270

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