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(314) 384-0146

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Hello this is elaine(?) calling on behalf of the Student Loan Debt Police Department. Your case number is ****. Again that's ****. Your file will remain open in my system for only one more day. Please call me.


Hello this is Sarah. I making a final attempt to reach you regarding you may make you eligible for student(?) loan forgiveness. If you still have more than $10,000 in federal student loan debt. Please call 858867793223 don't miss this opportunity. Please use reference number 31910 thank you.


Hi it's Emma Miller on Friday April 1. I'm calling to remind you that the final extension to the government offers for is expiring and we still haven't received the information needed to complete your if you're not enrolled in the program by then you'll have.


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(314) 384-0146

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