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Do not hang up call regarding your unpaid tax debt or unfiled tax returns. To speak with a tax professional press to be placed on our do not call list please press nine. Hello your text but I was just flag(?) in my system. Unfiled IRS tax returns or IRS backpacks that your reference number is 185602. Again that's 185602. Please call me within the next 24 to 48 hours as your file maybe transferred out of my control. Call me at 77333.


This is regarding your unpaid tax debt or unfiled tax returns. To speak with a tax professional. Please press one to be placed on our do not call list please press nine.


Hi, I'm so bummed I missed you. This is Michelle. I was looking at your file that we have on your tax issue and I know we can help you get this all situated. So if you have any on filed returns are tax liens garnishment or bank levies. All of that can be taken care of your tax that actually qualify you for several programs that can help reduce the amount you owe significantly. It's not eliminated completely so call me back my number is 855-800-6414 we can do a quick consultation with you over the phone. I'm in your time honestly, save you thousands and thousands of dollars. So totally worth a quick call. Again. This is Michelle. My number is 855-800-6414 look forward to hearing from you have a great day.


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(314) 384-0128

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