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(314) 384-0097 is a Tax Debt Reduction Spam


Our records indicate your may have on file tax return's or unpaid back taxes please press one to be connected with a tax professional or nine to be placed on our do not call list.

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Hello. This is Bob calling on behalf of the hardship loan issuance department your offer number is 812734 again, that's 812734 you've been preapproved for up to a $35,000 unsecured debt consolidation loan. This offer is time sensitive and is set to expire within the next 24 hours please call me as soon as possible at 209-849-0134 again, that's 209-849-0134.


Hello. This is Jenny calling from the financial relief center. I'm calling to let you know that your debt profile may be flagged for forgiveness plan. What this means is that if you currently have any debt over $10,000, we may be able to remove most of that debt this includes credit cards medical bills and personal loans. There are no out of pocket costs and there's no impact to your credit score. Please give our office a call before the end of the day. So we can finalize the process for you the number to call is 855-539-0259 again, that number is 855-539-0259. Thank you and talk to you soon.


Hi, this is Mike. I'm a supervisor at the tax group. I recently had a chance to take another look at your case and I really need you to give me a call today. If this lien is unresolved you're getting even closer to collections and we have programs that we can have that we have that can help get you out of this. So just give me a call again, it's Mike at the tax group. Hopefully I'll talk to you soon take care.


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Spoofed number from 1(314)384-0097 RoboCall Loan Scam

9/30/22 6:38 AM

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Robo Call Scam

9/30/22 6:36 AM

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(314) 384-0097

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