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This is an urgent message regarding your education debt. The current administrative hold is set to expire. So failure to enroll into an LG forgiveness program may result in pro Tec immediately 1-954-449-6358 to discuss your school debt forgiveness prints again for is 954-449-6358 to discuss your program ops.


Hello this is elaine(?) calling on behalf of the Student Loan Debt Police Department. Your case number is ****. Again that's ****. Your file will remain open in my system for only one more day. Please call me.


Hi, this is Jennifer Hoffman with the student Services department. I'm following up in regards to your outstanding federal student loan balance. We have been trying to reach you because you are eligible for the federal student loan forgiveness program due to changes made as of may 20th 22. If you are eligible bars re qualify for up to 75% reduction of their current repayment obligation interested buyers may take the following actions to determine eligibility under this new guidelines. It's imperative we speak to us about since the student loan payment delay is that you come to an end directly to discuss your options at 1-855-607-3177. Again that is 1855.


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(314) 384-0093

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