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Hello this is Adam calling from the debt relief approval Department. My number is 1-920-732-2050 and I'm not sure if you've already speak to an assigned agent but I do see your preapproval for up to $48,000 on a few new programs that are taking effect. So well go ahead and do is keep this in a pending status for now and yeah you have about 15 minutes today. Go ahead me a call back and we can go over the details as well as the benefits. My phone number is 1-920-732-2050. Again that's 192-073-2200. We look forward to hearing from you. Goodbye.


Hello, my name is Erica, and I'm calling from the Dead Advisory Approval Department. The number that I'm calling you from is 202902266 I'm not quite sure if you've already spoken to an assigned agent. You see that you had a approval approval for up to $48,000 on a few new programs that have taken effect. So what I'm going to go ahead and do is keep this in pending status for now. And if you have 15 minutes today, I would love for you to give me a callback. That way we can be tools as well as the benefits of the program. My phone number is 202902266 Again, that's 202902266 We look forward to you. Thank you.


Hi. This is Jennifer from Advanced Care. How are you doing today? Hi. This is Jennifer from Advanced Care. Hi. This is Jennifer from Advanced Care. How are you doing today?

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Recording threatening legal action against HOA voters if they vote for an issue on the ballot.

A YouMail Subscriber
2/1/24 7:49 AM

Number called me multiple times, didn’t say anything. Then texted me saying I know you’re there. Also came in as a spam alert.

2/1/23 4:27 PM

Scam/Fraud under Federal Criminal Investigation.

10/25/22 4:45 PM

I get hundreds of calls from area code (314) it?s ridiculous

A YouMail Subscriber
10/19/22 9:10 PM

Spoofed number from 1(314)384-0097 RoboCall Loan Scam

9/30/22 6:38 AM

Fraudulent voicemail! “Great Lakes or Sallie Mae press three on your phone now if your service or was not listed press six on your phone now to opt out of this notification service press eight…”

5/23/22 2:13 PM

I have been getting calls from this number and others every single day multiple times a day for the past several weeks. I never answer so I don't know who it is....

11/24/21 7:38 AM

They called my mom and sister. Knew their addresses, looking for me for some kind of legal stuff. Told my mom they were going to come and arrest her. Also said they were going to go to my sisters house to look for me and my house. Called back the number and it just rang and rang. Called the police department and they said they are scammers

8/18/21 2:48 PM

Called family looking for me with saying need to talk and that they were from an attorneys office but wouldnt say the attorneys office

8/11/21 9:56 AM

SlSpam call about a bogus court case. But the number that you need to call phase out in the middle so you can call them back.

5/18/21 12:32 PM

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