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I'm calling because the updated plan for Medicare and I just wondering if maybe there's some directions some things like dental vision hearing and over the counter benefits. These benefits aren't automatically(?) given so we're calling to make sure that you actually are given everything which you maybe entitled to. There's also an additional benefits(?) which you may qualify to get a $248 and that is cash back to your social security. Depending on your income. Now I believe you do have Medicare part in the correct.


Hi, there this call is to remind you that 50% discount offer on your Comcast Infinity account expires today in order to avail the discount please call back at 844-281-9623 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific standard time. Thank you and have a great day.


Hello the following is an important message. Hello this is a message from the Attendance Office at Morris Academy calling to inform you that your student **** was considered absent today. Please contact the attendance office of your students school at 248-799-8401. If you believe this to be an error or to excuse the absence. If you have already contacted the school office you can disregard this message. If you would like to replay this message please press the star key. Thank you.

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Some "school" always advising me that they are great - and what is coming up the next day. But they call EVERYDAY. Always a recording. Call back, request number taken off - nothing changes.

5/25/23 7:21 PM

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