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(307) 204-1399 was a Student Loan Scam

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Hello, this is a nationwide announcement regarding the litigation process happening with the Presidential election. This means you only have a few weeks left to submit your paperwork to the Department of Education to be grandfathered in to the federal student loan forgiveness program. This is the only notification you will receive about us using the latest artificial automation technology, you are not able to obtain enrollment information based on your current situation to get the full details call 1-877-583-4550 this call now and and notification Mark is complete.


You or someone in your family needs help insurance. You don't have to wait for open enrollment. We have a great insurance plans in your area that you can afford. We make it hassle free to sign up and we have pre-approvals ready in your area including Cigna Blue Cross Aetna United and many more. Press two to speak to one of our license agents in your area or call us at 888-636-3834 or press nine if you're not interested. Thanks for your time and be healthy and bless.


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(307) 204-1399

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Minus 2 Thanks! Awful! Paid for upgrade, it has scrambled my Contacts list, ignored my Spam folder of 200+ numbers and at 5:00AM today woke me up by ignoring an existing Spam number, ruining my morning. Blocked the number - no reason yet - of a very important business contact I came 2500 miles to meet with. Opacity of interface stuns me. It was ok to start - blocked EVERY CALL. No matter who - Favorites, everyone. Nice transcribing, but always having to call back was often embarrassing, when I had to explain “My app ate your call”. Last two days? “Your email is incorrect.” What in the floating hell is this? Give me back my phone, without all the scrambling and duplicates.

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Love you mail. The greetings menu has a lot different voice greetungs you could choose for as your main voice greeting. Very low price. Lots of family and friend even business love it when they call and hear they name Announced back to them. Or the joke greetimgs I set up. If I dont want to be bothered with spam I set up my features and put in a certain number and when the caller calls they will get this number has been disconnected lol
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Youmail is seemless and fun.. works like a charm! You guys with avatars of flexing no shirts tattoos hats backwards. Do everyone a favor: quit being such a tryhard tool and put some clothes on and get some GAME. Unless of course you want to attract leftovers...
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