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(307) 204-1356 is a Tax Debt Reduction Scam

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Hello, this is Angela with the financial service Center. We are reaching out to inform you about the recent lawsuit settlement in the news which requires T I R S to settle all old tax debt that any U S resident. Currently has this means your tax that can now be forced into a settlement on your behalf which will reduce.


This is Silvia and processing my phone number is 877. Hi, this is Sylvia and processing my phone number this is Sylvia and processing my phone number is 877-332-8350. I came across your file on my desk and I did just want to reach out to offer assistance for your hi, this is Sylvia and processing my phone number is.


Hi, this is Quinn with the student Services department. I'm just following up in regards to your outstanding federal student loan balances. We've been trying to reach you because you're eligible for the federal student loans forgiveness program changes made in 2020. It's imperative that I speak with you as soon as possible since the student loan payment delay is about to come to an end you can reach me directly to discuss your option at 650-984-8878 again, that's six.


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(307) 204-1356

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Good app I like seeing who is calling ahead of time, sometimes my phone doesn't ring though
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MSN, ACNP I'm still learning the different options provided, but so far I've been very impressed. I don't routinely write reviews but this App deserves its Kudos. With some of the available "greetings", I don't feel a need for "call blocker", or requiring "unknown" or unidentified callers to unmask their identities. I'm a very private person and DO NOT want calls from telemarketers, bill collectors(they'll get their money when I get a payday. Calling before then can not speed up the process or magically put funds in my bank account to pay them with, so I don't need reminded that I owe the bill) or people I do not, or want to know!!

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Great app Great app I love it so much I even ordered Premium service!!

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