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(307) 204-1324 was a Health Insurance Spam

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Hi, this is Frank it looks like I missed you. This is a notification call to let you know that this year your health insurance premium and your overall cost for insurance can and we'll be going down. If you call back but.


Hello this is Angela with the Financial billing Center. We are reaching out to inform you about the recent lawsuit settlement and the news which you have acquired the IRS to settle all old tax debt that any US Pres. Currently have. This means your tax debt can now be forced into a settlement on your behalf which will reduce or eliminate the tax. So give us a call back and I need you can get you enrolled for this for program. My number is 1-866-877-0074. Again that is 1-866-877-0074. Also we are sure how long this lasts(?) so give us a call at your earliest convenience.


Leanne processing my phone number is. This is Sylvia and processing my phone number is 877-323-4172 and I came across the file on my desk, but I did just want to reach out to offer assistance with your federal taxes owed. We do have anything or elimination programs available to help you and what the current economic situations that are going on the qualifications. They have been relaxed again. Just in case my phone number is 877-323-4172 and your reference number is 815732. It is just imperative that you speak advantage of these programs before they do with buyer. I do hope to hear from you soon and have a great day.


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(307) 204-1324

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