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(307) 204-1190 is a Legal Complaint Scam

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Please do not disregard this message. This message is for ****. I'm calling to verify a current address as well as a place of business address to proceed against you at this time you are forfeiting your right to take care of this matter. We will contact your human resources department to follow proper protocol and procedure to move forward with the next step. Again the client is willing to rectify this matter if they hear from you today. Their number is 901-866-5971 and reference your claim number MOT52226. margo-four(?) this is my final attempt. You've been officially notified.


Complaint pending against you. I've been retained to deliver documents either at your residence or your place of employment. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this complaint or wish to rectify this matter you need to contact telephone number 240-376-1250 and reference your case number ****. You have officially been notified.


I received an order for you pertaining to two pending matters. Unfortunately because I'm unable to reach you by phone. I may be actively pursuing you at your place of employment and your residence ****. You have the right to contact the client to resolve your case file voluntarily. I do understand when you are located you do forfeit that right. Your case number is **** and you can reach their office at 901-866-5971. ****. You have been notified.


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(307) 204-1190

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