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(303) 500-0647 is a Health Insurance Spam

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This is an important message from your Insurance Agency I LH Insurance. Press nine to opt out. You appreciate this very important message health insurance plans are still available in your area. Press five to talk to an agent for your state plan with no co-pays deductibles and telemedicine hotline numbers are available so you don't need to walk into a doctor's office again. Press five to talk to an agent or press nine to opt out of this message.


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(303) 500-0647

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Was working Update: Since my last review, it seems to be working again. And yes, prior to the review, I did shut down/ restart and reset my phone several times. It was trying to open but never would and spam calls were still ringing through. I was having to manually blacklist them. Since the latest update, I can't get it to open and it’s not working blocking calls. So when it works, it works. ??‍♀️ Please fix!

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Love You Mail, have used it for years, this app just gets better and better.
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Pls help me sit it's Kool try it's 2178 is shout out to you mail giving me new mail
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