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Hey, this is Coach Christian. I'm actually returning your call right. Now you listen to our 15 minutes business overview presentation, just the other day on how you could put $7,000 in your pocket and the next 14 to 21 days and you left a message saying you had interest in finding out more about our done for you on.


Hello, this is an important message for the vehicle owner your vehicle has been flagged due to your coverage possibly renting out you are still eligible to extend that coverage and avoid being 100% responsible for all repairs press two to decline coverage options and be removed or press one to speak to a specialist about extending coverage again, press one. If you would like to extend coverage or call our 800 number at 844-989-1708 U S T 45.


Since we have not gotten a response we are giving you a final courtesy call before we close your file. Press one to speak with a warranty specialist about possibly extending or reinstating your coverage to be removed and placed on our do not call list press two or call our 800 number at 844-989-1708 UST 239 RPG.


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(303) 500-0518

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