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(303) 500-0324

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Hi, this is Amy and I'm giving you a call from a dealer service Center. We recently noticed the cars extended warranty is going to expire and wanted to give you one final courtesy call before your warranty expires in your property at forwarded. This would make you financially responsible for all service repairs press one now if you wish to expand or reinstate your cars 21. Again press one now or press two to be placed on the do not call list.


Since we have not gotten a response we are giving you a final courtesy call before we close your file. Press one to speak with a warranty specialist about possibly extending or reinstating your coverage to be removed and placed on our do not call list press two or call our 800 number at 844-989-1708 UST 239 RPG.


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(303) 500-0324

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I feel the need to make a comment that i once had this app and yes it wasnt as easy as most apps to uninstall off my phone but when i figured out how to het it off it was ok. It played its part and fullfilled the purpose i needed it for. However in the end i had to call my carrier and have them physicallu remove it. It was all worth it to me tho bc no other app does what yhis one does.
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Terrific app! So far, works just as described. Let's see if those telemarketers stop calling???
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