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This is color marketing. Thank you for requesting a Medicare specialist to assist you press nine to opt out after this important message. It's currently open enrollment for Medicare in your area press five to talk to a Medicare specialist. This is a time of the year to make sure that you're the right plan for next year, and that you're getting all the benefits that are available to you like vision Dental and prescriptions press five now to talk to an agent again press five to talk to an agent or press nine to opt out.


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(303) 500-0062

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I love this voicemail app. It's easy to use and works great.
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Push alerts don't work, and forwarding issue, but otherwise good. In the last year, it has twice made me reset the system that forwards calls to voicemail, and the only way I find out about it is by callers telling me they got an error message. Embarrassing if your boss or a potential employer calls and tries to leave a message and gets the dreaded error message. But following the instructions on the Help page fixes the issue. Also, the push alerts don't work anymore, and the only way I can get alerts that I have voicemail are to set up email alerts from the Settings tab.
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Note 3 Finally able to use app again with latest update.
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