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(276) 208-3898 is a Health Insurance Spam


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Health Insurance Spam



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Hi this is Kelly with Support First calling about your free or subsidized Health Insurance. Please call me back toll free at 844-306-0130 to see if you qualify and again that's 844-306-0130. Call now.


This is Jessica with America west cherry calling about our risk free lift chair trial so our chair has massage heat multiple refining positions and we need people to try the chair and provide feedback to us. So please call me back at 844-561-2499 and once again, that's 844-561-2499 to sign up for the trial.


This is Jessica with America's with calling about our rates for you at your trial(?) ... has massage see multiple reclining position and we need people to try to turn(?) and provide feedback. So please call me back at 844-561-2499 and once again that's 844-561-2499. To sign up for the trial.


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(276) 208-3898

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Pretty good at identifying spam calls, after your have blocked the number. Still too many robo calls get through. Also, it counts transcriptions of robocall messages towards your monthly free allotment.
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Love it but I wish the ads would not pop up over the screen during the voicemail you're listening to. I don't mind ads as this is a free ap, but it is annoying when you can't stop a voicemail because an ad is in the way.
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Much better than carrier voicemail Great app to see who left a voicemail and if you want to listen to it. Only issue on 4.3.1 Rom is you can't adjust volume. Voicemail plays at highest level.
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