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(270) 984-0347 is a Health Insurance Spam

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Hi, this is Frank it looks like I missed you. Hi, this is Frank. Hi, this is Frank. Hi, this is Faye. Hi, this is Faye. Hi, this is Faye. Hi, this is Faye. Hi, this is Faye. Hi, this is Frank it looks like I missed you. This is a notification call to let you know that this year your health insurance premium Andrew overall cost for insurance can and we'll be going down. If you call back the number that shows on your caller ID you can obtain your automated quote that's ready for you which will have all the discounts applied now this plan has 100% coverage zero deductible and copays are paid also another great benefit is the plan provides cash payments to you in case you become unable to work. Okay. So again just call the number on the caller. ID so you can get your automated quote, thanks. A lot have a great day.


Hey this is Jason sorry I missed you. Hey this is Jason sorry I missed you. I wanted to leave a message let you know that after the election. The Federal government suspended loan payments until the end of the year. This means you will need to pay back the balance of the two loans after the suspension is over starting January 1 application-to-be(?) in your behalf to extend the suspension of payments and definitely is all situated. This means you.


Hello, this is a nationwide announcement regarding the litigation process happening with the us Presidential election. This means you only have a few months left to submit your paperwork to the Department of Education to be grandfathered in to the federal student loan forgiveness program. This is the only notification you will receive about this we currently have an available human representative to speak to you about this important event code 1-501-274-0454 this call now and and notification Mark is complete.


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(270) 984-0347

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