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(270) 984-0313 was a Government Grant Scam

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Please listen to this important announcement. Under the Federal Care Zach. Your business may have not yet filed up to $26,000 for every employee kept on payroll. During the years 2020 and 2021. If you have not filed to receive your refund check please press one to receive the total amount owed to you or press nine to be removed.


This is United Capital. Please call us back today at 469-405-8101. We are following up with an important refund notice your company could possibly not of cleaned or received the maximum amount of $26,000 for every employee you kept on payroll during 2020 and or 2021. As a reminder. This is not alone and you will not be required to pay back again. Please call 469-405-8101. That's 469-405-8101. We look forward to assisting you.


Reduce or eliminate your back taxes but you must take action now to ensure you don't lose eligibility. Please press zero now to have a tax professional to join the call. If you believe this is an error or already enrolled in the program. Please press nine to be removed.


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(270) 984-0313

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