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(270) 984-0219 is a Health Insurance Spam

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Hello, this is a notification call from National Association of Real. The purpose of the fall is to make you wetter as a licensed real estate professional. You will now qualifies the fruit but knew low cost health insurance. Hella, this is a notification call from the National Association of Realtors Purpose of the call is to make you aware that as a licensed real estate special you are now qualified and approved for a new low-cost health insurance program to qualify for the insurance program, you must have sold one. Property is not five years around the age 65 and do not currently have critical in that the cancer or heart disease. This laptop for 100% coverage, no copies with zero deductible. Other benefits include income protection in case you become worse than a Bluetooth plans and they are now available for a limited time as the new presidential Administration has extended it for few more months to get the full details and and automate boat designed specifically. Do you hold 1877877041 then that number...


Hi this is Amanda calling with the US department of health insurance plans for Citizens. You can reach me at 3-302-228-8188 and I'm actually just reaching out to you regarding the new plans available through the president's new pre-hands of Health.


Hello this is Angela with the Financial billing Center. We are reaching out to inform you about the recent lawsuit settlement and the news which you have acquired the IRS to settle all old tax debt that any US Pres. Currently have. This means your tax debt can now be forced into a settlement on your behalf which will reduce or eliminate the tax. So give us a call back and I need you can get you enrolled for this for program. My number is 1-866-877-0074. Again that is 1-866-877-0074. Also we are sure how long this lasts(?) so give us a call at your earliest convenience.


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(270) 984-0219

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