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(270) 984-0181 is a Business Loan Scam

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You have been pre-qualified(?) dollars cash for double you dash two do you own your own business(?). I'm sorry you don't qualify but have a great day.


My name is Matthew Hughes giving you a notification call from our department of tax date and Financial Services. The new programs that can help you to reduce or eliminate your debt completely. It is possible that you text dates can now be considered temporary meeting(?) and then collectible. You can call me back at my personal desk 1-833-312-3172.


Unavailable please leave a message. My name is Kelly Lane. This is a call from a Department of tax debt and Financial Settlement Services. There are new programs that can help you reduce or eliminate your debt completely. It is possible that your tax debt to now be considered temporarily non-collectible. You can call me back on my personal desk. 833-312-3157.


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(270) 984-0181

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