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(270) 984-0095 is a Debt Reduction Scam

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Hey, so, sorry, we were in the middle of something. Hey, so, sorry, we were in the middle of something. This is Karen Miller calling in from legal. I just wanted to follow up with you to see if you got the correspondence we sent you in the mail it looks like you were pre, qualified for brand new debt settlement program to everything that is going on you do not have to pay back your outstanding debt. Give me a call back directly. So we can connect you with our attorneys. My number is 727-261-2853 again that is 72726128530 and don't forget your loan program ID it should have been on that piece. We mailed you but just in case, you don't have it your loan program. I D is **** again.


Hey this is Frank. Hey this is Frank. I do have the automated health insurance quote ready for you. I also applied the 30% discount which is available now until open during open enrollment until December 14 so definitely wanna take advantage of that while that's available. If this is 100% coverage no deductible co-pays paid in a zero on prescriptions. Anyways let me give you the number for the automated quote. It is 330-222-8188. Okay thank you.


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(270) 984-0095

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