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(270) 984-0080 is a Vehicle Related Customer Call

Map of Oak Grove, KY US

V****** R****** C******* C***


Oak Grove, KY US

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Hey, this is Tom, giving you a call from premier auto protect. I was getting back to you in regards to the coverage you requested for your vehicle just want to let you know that I do have those rates available for you. So at your earliest convenience contact me back. So we could discuss our current promotion. We do have going on today. I can be reached directly at 484-214-8344. Again, that number is 484-214-8344. Thank you and speak to you soon.


Hi this is John calling from merrill(?) Tech in regards to the coverage you requested for your vehicle. We're currently running a special promotions for our area. So if you could please get back to me whenever you get a chance. Number to reach me at directly is 484-214-2906. Thank you and have a wonderful day.


Hello, my name is Ryan Miller. I'm calling from premier auto protect in regards to the coverage you requested for your vehicle. I did have those available for you and I did have a few other questions. I wanted to ask you about the vehicle as well as additional incentives. I can apply for you today. Give me a call back when you can my direct number is 484-214-1270 again that number is 484-214-1270.


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(270) 984-0080

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