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My name is Ashley Piper calling from QC yes on July 19 at 10:23 AM. Please contact me at 885-610-6129. You may also speak to any associate representative Monday through Friday 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time.


This is combined public communications with a prepaid call from an inmate at a correctional facility. Three way or call waiting is not allowed and may automatically disconnect this call. This call is subject to monitoring and recording. If you are an attorney or designated legal counsel contact in May at 702-931-3938 to have your number set the do not record please select from the following options if you consent to this call being recorded and to accept this call dial one now. To reject this call dial two now for help from an operator regarding.


Thank you for calling certified Health options. We're getting(?) in touch with you regarding your health coverage. Please call us back at 201-581-2094.

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This guy is a scammer possibly cloned the number. He is on Tinder and possibly Match .com by the name of Toby asking for money. He told me his wife died of lung cancer 8 months ago and he is supposedly in Iraq right now. He had A TON of this Army soldier Porters photos. When I got suspicious I started texting him from a fake number and he tells every almost the same story except about the wife. We've been talking for a couple weeks and he is laying on the sweet talk THICK so I've been playing along and BAM he gave story how his brother was supposed to withdrawal money for his aunt that's taking care of his kids, he mentioned he's the only one with access besides his ex but she didn't anymore so I suggested he call bank to giver her permission to do 1 transaction since she was on acct before he said ok I'll try that...if she don't have conditions because she's a junkie. He is playing SO many people he forgot that he told me she died of cancer.

2/19/21 4:09 PM

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