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Hello, I am an artificial intelligence notification bought the purpose of this call is to make you aware that is a us residents who are now able to take advantage of alternative federal student loan repayment options and hardship programs. These programs are only for individuals who have less than $160000 and federal student loan debt, having that obligations make all the hardship when added to your overall monthly bill using our automated approval technology you are now able to obtain enrollment information based on your current situation to use or a automation and find the program you are approved for you will need to write down the website. I will also deliver a text message that will provide a link with the program benefits would you like to hear the website and receive a text message.


We've been trying to reach you concerning your cars extended warrantee. You should have received something in the mail about your cars extended warranty since we have not gotten a response. We are giving you a final courtesy call before we close out your file. Press two to be removed and put on our do not call list press one to speak with someone about possibly extending or reinstating your cars warranty. Again press one to speak with a warranty specialist.


Hi, this is Amy and I'm giving you a call from a dealer service Center. We recently noticed the cars extended warranty is going to expire and wanted to give you one final courtesy call before your warranty expires in your property at forwarded. This would make you financially responsible for all service repairs press one now if you wish to expand or reinstate your cars 21. Again press one now or press two to be placed on the do not call list.


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Vehicle Warranty Scam

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(270) 474-4737

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I am still new at this, so please be heplful in any way for me to understand what to do.
An Android User

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I really love this app... Just being able to glance at a transcript of a voice mail makes a process that I find annoying and time consuming (listening to somebody drone on and on) so much easier.. Just glance and you'll know if it's something that deserves your attention or a trip to the delete pile. Plus, if it is something that you need information from, you don't have to listen to it over and over to make sure that you got a phone number that was left etc. It's written right there to be copied (double check with the voice version of the message just in case, but I haven't had one miss yet).

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I love this app. It's very easy to use and professional.
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