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Hi, this is Amanda with helping hands Medicare. My number is 219-209-1333 the purpose of my call is to help those over the age of 50 get qualified for the new low cost whole life insurance plan, which has been approved by your state now these plans are much more affordable than traditional options. Your plan will cover all of your final expenses upon your passing taking the burden off your family during a difficult time you can also leave something behind to those that you care about so please call us back at 219-209-0133 that number. Again is 219-209-0133. We look forward to helping you.


Yes hi this is Michael with this yes hi this is yes hi this yes hi this yes hi this yes hi this is Michael with the Student Loan relief program and you can reach me at 205-831-8956 and I'm actually reaching out to you regarding your student loan balance I have some really really good news for you. You've been selected in prequalified for the student loan forgiveness program however is really really important that we speak so we can fit you into this program that is offered for a very limited time however you still have time. So again here's my number 205-831-8956 talk to you soon.


We've been trying to reach you concerning your cars extended warrantee. You should have received something in the mail about your cars extended warranty since we have not gotten a response. We are giving you a final courtesy call before we close out your file. Press two to be removed and put on our do not call list press one to speak with someone about possibly extending or reinstating your cars warranty. Again press one to speak with a warranty specialist.


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(270) 474-4601

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Nice to see written text of voice mail. Too bad text limit is so small for non-subscrip option, but I can live with that as i can retain voice mail screening.
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Luv this app! I have been using this app for over 6 years I love it and I tell all my friends
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Sick of screwed up contacts Have used for a couple years, but I am tired of YouMail screwing up my contact list, so I am trying PF Visual Voice Mail. *Updated*: they've fixed the screwed up contacts (though they always said it was not possible) so five stars for this program. It's the best VVM there is.
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