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Hi this is Mario zink(?) calling from Ashford credit card. This message is for ****. Please call us back at 1(443) 809-8003 . We're open Monday and Saturday 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM Tuesday to Friday 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. We will be expecting your call. Thank you.


Hello, this is Wendy Brown from titling Fuchs calling with a message for ****, we want to speak with you regarding your title abuse, we need to hear from you as soon as possible to determine your attentions please call today at 855-959-8491. Remember you can also make a payment anytime using our mobile app available for download on apple and android or by texting mobile to 90123 again. It is important we speak with you as soon as possible at 855-959-8491. We appreciate your business. Thank you and have a great day.


Hello, this message is for ****. My name is Wanda calling from credit one bank. Please? Have **** call us back at 1-877-825-3242. Thank you.

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block Spam 267-703-1255

Literally called 8 times in the matter of less than 5 seconds? robocaller on crack it seems

A YouMail Subscriber
7/15/22 6:36 AM

block Spam 267-703-3813

Calls me 3 times a week asking for someone I don't know and never heard of before. I told them this and she just said we don't believe you.

6/10/22 10:29 AM

block Spam 267-703-0001

I posted yesterday that this same person called me 3 times under different numbers - Please stop calling - Thank you

Very annoyed
4/14/22 2:27 PM

block Spam 267-703-7903

"We are asking residents today to complete a short and confidential survey on local policies in Washington. Please take a few minutes and let us know your thoughts: Your responses will remain completely confidential. Text *STOP* and you will stop receiving messages."

1/14/22 5:10 PM

block Spam 267-703-1186

Asking if I own my home. Possible Robotexter

12/7/21 1:45 PM

block Spam 267-703-1530

To pay a bill from Sprint, ive never had a phone with them. I keep telling yhem wrong # and they still call

11/22/21 8:38 AM

block Spam 267-703-4148

Scam under Federal Criminal Investigation.

9/16/21 8:05 AM

block Spam 267-703-2162

Transportation state warranty relief program for cars less than 15 yrs old....mine is 16 yrs old this year... Think it is a scam...did not choose to call back... Still calls me on my landline number...

6/9/21 4:01 PM

block Spam 267-703-2764

Constantly calling. Blocked as junk by iPhone.

4/18/21 8:35 AM

block Spam 267-703-5036

This number calls me daily - will not leave a message - and, since last week - after a call such as this - I receive ROBO calls almost every 20 minutes - No worries though - I reported all these calls to a Higher authority - Please leave a message or go away - Thank you very very much

Highly Annoyed
4/17/21 12:33 PM

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