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Motion helping our customers dropping down their monthly bill. If you are not happy with bill(?) and want to lower your bill. Press one for new promotions press two. Press nine to disconnect.


gimme-i-think(?) trying to frustrate you with a particular person I need to speak with you. You must be on topic this month. Grab a pen grab a paper write down this number to dial is 312-906-7154 number again is 312-906-7154. To be removed from this call list please dial 1-800-729-5169. The number again is 1-800-729-5169.


There was a person that is after you that the Lord is trying to expose. This is an urgent word because this award(?) to expose(?) the person that is been trying to dish(?) for you press the numerical button one now or press one now. This is why you've been feeling worthless this is why you've been feeling easy this is why you know you should be further press the numerical button one now. Press one now. There was an individual that is been around you that must be expose(?) with heating(?) mode is that(?) ... try-to(?) destroy the engine harness your name. Press the numerical button one now so that you can hear this blessed word press one now. Press one or call 312-906-7154. If you wish to no longer receive these messages please with be option three email.

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Must purchase a (One Vanilla loadable card) and place $200 dollars and this card to pay for your loan. $98 per month at 3.4% for 5 years repaying $5800 for a $5000 loan.

2/24/22 12:50 PM


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9/21/21 12:43 PM

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