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Hi this is Amber with the Medicare Department health care benefits. How are you today are you there. I'm calling because the updated plan for Medicare has been released and it may give you some better access to things like dental vision hearing and over the counter benefits. These benefits aren't automatically given so we're calling to make sure that you're actually getting everything that you're entitled to. There's also an additional benefit where you may qualify to get up to $148 a month that's cash after your social security. Depending on your income. Now I believe you do have Medicare part a and be correct. Are you there.


Hey hello this is Karen Hollis with the Tax Group LLC. This is an A+ BBB rated company. So I'm calling about the new zero tax program that is now taking sign ups for the new zero taxes program will allow you to eliminate any past tax money owed given it is now non-flexible bill. You must select to enroll which is open now. Please call me.


I, the reason behind the call is to inform you that a package has been found, which is under your name by us. For this purpose press 1, and you will be connected to the concerned person. So please press 1.

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Debt relief loan scam cold calling. Said I requested help with my debt and was pre approved for 60 k.I say I don’t need that and she changes her sales pitch to try and get me to buy insurance. I tell her I’m happy with my insurance and now it’s a car warranty. I have a new car with factory warranty so I finally just hung up.

2/28/23 5:56 PM

Pia 10-26 -2022 Fraud, Scam, Identity Theft, Credit Card, Fraud, General Electric, Home Security Scam, Solar, Scam, Medical And Medicare Scam, High Risk, Scammer Credit Card Fraud

10/26/22 7:06 AM

My phone app said suspected spam so I didn't answer

9/27/22 7:03 AM

Security termite and pest control

6/16/22 1:27 PM

Party called 3 times and I missed the calls. I tried calling back and got a busy sound.

4/22/22 9:11 AM

Trying to scam me out of tax return money

A YouMail Subscriber
10/28/21 2:28 PM

Recorded message said from Amazon Fraud unit warning is of fraud charge

8/16/21 2:35 PM

These people keep calling me about my auto warranty about to run out. My auto is 14 years old, has been out of warranty for almost a decade.

8/11/21 9:39 PM

Voice-mail said...To accept press one to send a voicemail press two.

8/9/21 2:14 PM

This number sent a text with attachment. No clue what’s in it but it’s not a known number.

5/24/21 6:43 PM

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