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(228) 300-0197 is a Health Insurance Scam


Hey this is a message from 2020 Health Care. If there's a certain records and noticed you submitted a request in the past for some information regarding a more formal call this is.

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Time so that you can get a great insurance plan that's within your budget. We offer policies from top care providers that are best rank in the country for health insurance such as Cigna and Blue Cross Blue Shield. To hear more about the PPO policies we offer. Please press two now to get a free consultation nine for a call back and to be placed on our do not call list permanently. Please call our toll free number 844-989-1702 and press one when prompted. Or press one now to be taken off this call list.


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(228) 300-0197

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like being my able to see the message. sometimes it's hard to understand people with accents or talk super fast.
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It only gives 10 free transcriptions of calls a month and has banner ads, other than that, it's great because it notifies you through email as well
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