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(228) 300-0188 was a Government Grant Scam

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Hi it's Ashley Winters at 866-883-3087. Today is December 4. I'm following up with the refund processing department it's still looks here like your business is likely to receive up to $26,000 for each employee you had on your payroll during the years 2020 and or 2021. Again this is not a loan so you don't have to pay this money back. Just be sure to give me a call back at 866-883-3087. Thank you and I look forward to answering any questions you may still have.


Hi it's Lisa Roberts following up with the recent eligibility Department. It's still looks here like your business will most likely receive a refund of up to $26,000 for every employee you retained on payroll during the years 2029 or 2021. Again you do not have the pay this money back so it is not a loan. Be sure to give me a call back at 866-883-3077 that's 866-883-3077. Thanks and I look forward to answering any questions you have.


This is Robert with 2020 Health Care Central. We look for our records and noticed you submitted a request in the past for Mr. mason(?) regarding a more affordable health insurance. This is a follow up and we'd love to hop on the fall. Got some options please press two to speak to agent(?) 59 for a call back to be placed on our do not call list permanently. Please call our toll free number 844-989-1702 and press 11 or press one now to be taken off our list UST 356 our.


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