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(228) 300-0102 was a Health Insurance Scam

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Hi this is Mary and I'm calling about the new self employed health plan through Signa. How are you doing today. Okay so the reason for the call today is Cigna now offers an excellent health plan package specifically designed for self employed individuals who may(?) need health plan packages offer full coverage lower co-pays and deductible PPO network which allows you freedom of choice and income protection for more benefits and a big savings on premium.


This is a message from 2020 Health Credit Card. We look through our records and noticed you submitted requesting past for some information regarding a form for both insurance policy. This is a follow up and we'd love to hop on the call to discuss some options. Please press two to speak to him I for a couple back and to be placed-on(?) our list permanently. Please call our toll free number 844-989-1702 and press one when prompted. Or press one now to be taken off this call.


Hey this is a message from thousand 20 Health Care at Pfizer. We missed(?) our records and noticed submitted the request in the past for some information regarding a more affordable open call this is a follow up.


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(228) 300-0102

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