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(228) 300-0093 was a Health Insurance Scam

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This is Robert with 2020 Health Care Central. We look for our records and noticed submitted a request in the past for some information regarding affordable health spring fall. This is a follow up and we'd love.


Hey this is Pat from 2020 Health Care at 5:30 for practice and field that you submitted in the past for some information regarding health(?) policy. This is a call top on the call to discuss some options. Please press two to speak to an advisor(?) back in to be placed on our do not call list permanently. Please call our toll free number 498917 and press one when prompted. Or press one now to take.


Hey this is a message from 2020 Health Care advisory. We looked our records and noticed you submitted a request for some information regarding a more affordable health insurance pol.


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(228) 300-0093

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