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This is Kelly with the National Disability Group. Please listen carefully. We are calling because you are eligible for a disability benefit of over $2600. These are your age being between 50 and 63. We show you're likely to qualify. To speak with a benefit specialist. Simply press one once again to speak with a benefit specialist about enrolling in order to gain access to this $2600 benefit press one otherwise simply press two to be added to our do not call list. You can also call 20.


Hello this is to inform you that the Student Loan payment suspension has been extended to December 31 of this year. Also everyone is now going to get $10,000 dismissed upon income verification. If you do not verify your income on January 1 your payments will start back up automatically. To receive the full dismissal not just the $10,000 dismissal a petition will be filed in your behalf so that your loan payments do not begin on January 1. If you're being serviced by Nell net Navient loans or Great Lakes. Please press five on your phone now. If your service or was not listed. You can also receive a dismissal by pressing five. If you have verified your income and receive your partial or full dismissal. All ready. Please press nine to stop your notifications. Thank you.


No repayment necessary. If you'd like to speak with a live representative to complete your application. Press one if you are un-interested or would like to be removed and not contacted again press two.

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