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Hi, this is Brian Lee calling on behalf of solar project dot. Com our. Am I don't think you can hear me, but if you can my name is Brian and I'm with the solar project and actually if you're you're still interested and would like it's Mark office for about sort then just call us at 949-694-5457 and if you're no longer interested or if you'd like to have your number put on the dealers just call the number 855-439-0328.


Hello, this is an official notification call from tax-trusted visors because you may owe back taxes. The reason for the message with notify you of pending tax leans and bank levies, you can make arrangements to stop leans and levies using the new federal economic recovery policy. If you do, this means you will not need to pay back your overdue to this. They will be placed in a non-collectable status and dismissed after your richest process.


Hello, you're receiving this message on Wednesday, January 17. My name is Alex from National DET Relief Initiative. When you have a moment, please return my call at 5034475051 We have important news about a unique opportunity available to you. Our records indicate that you may qualify for a significant reduction in your unsecured debt. If you're grappling with more than $13,000 in debt, such as credit card balances or medical bills, our government endorsed program could be your lifeline. Imagine reducing your debt burden substantially, even potentially erasing $24,000. This could be your turning point to financial freedom. Don't miss out on this limited time offer. Call us back today at 5034475051 to start your journey towards a debt free life.

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