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Thank God you picked up. This is an extremely time-sensitive message from Dedem regarding your hardship account. You've been pre-qualified for a hardship benefit that could pay your bills. Over $10 in unpaid bills. We have your solution. Dial one immediately to connect with our specialist and join the financial assistance program. I repeat, dial one and use this to wipe out medical bills. Credit card debt. Anything that's holding you. Imagine wiping out $23,923 from your unpaid bills, Incidentally.


This is Kelly with the National Disability Group. Please listen carefully. We are calling because you are eligible for a disability benefit of over $2600. These are your age being between 50 and 63. We show you're likely to qualify. To speak with a benefit specialist. Simply press one once again to speak with a benefit specialist about enrolling in order to gain access to this $2600 benefit press one otherwise simply press two to be added to our do not call list. You can also call 20.


Thank you for putting(?) in hotels the number wait for supplementary(?) today for further details press one now to be placed on the do not call list press two now.

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1/13/22 11:46 AM