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stop leans and levies using the new Federal Economic Recovery Policy. If you do, this means you will not need to pay back your overdue taxes. They will be placed in a non-collectible status and dismissed after your request is processed. To proceed press 5. Again press 5 now. This call will now end and message logged as delivered.


Today is Friday 13 October. When you get this message could you please call me back at 844-223-3290. This is a very urgent and time sensitive message from relief advisory agency about funding your hardship account. You have been prequalified for a $31,000 hardship benefit to pay your bills. So if you have unsecured debt totaling over $10,000. This money is the solution you've been looking for. Call us now at 844-223-3290. To enroll in the public we backed the debt elimination program that provides funding to help you get out of your unpaid bills. If you have unsecured debt we can use this program to pay that off. Just to pay medical bills credit card debt whatever is holding you back. Call us at 844-223-3290 to set yourself free from debt. Imagine getting $65,000 transferred to your Hardship account right now.


Business listing. Our record show that I think it's either not verify-for(?) for for something(?) that keeping your customers from finding you on Google. Press one now to verify your Google listing. If you are the business owner or your account is not verified on Google press one now. boston-your(?) company press five if you were to call 877-653-9495 or press nine.

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Scam/Fraud under Federal Criminal Investigation.

11/30/22 10:33 AM