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Hi dear this is Anthony calling you from Finance Department of Trans Union how are you doing today. Hello can you hear me hello can you hear me. Hello.


This is you. When you get this message could you please call me back at 814-710-4378. This is a very urgent and time sensitive message from liability free about funding your hardship account. You have been prequalified for $31,000 hardship benefit to pay your bills. So if you have unsecured debt totaling over $10,000. This money is the solution you've been looking for. Call us now at 814-710-4378 to enroll in the publicly back debt elimination program that provides funding to help you get out of your unpaid bills. If you have unsecured debt we can use this program to pay that off. You can use this to pay medical bills credit card debt whatever is holding you back. Make the right call 814-710-4378. If you do not want to get more of these calls please call our compliance officer at 844-262-1160.


This is a very urgent and time-sensitive message from Relief Advisory Agency about funding your hardship account. You have been pre-qualified for a $31,000 hardship benefit to pay your bills. So, if you have unsickered debt totaling over $10,000, this money is the solution you've been looking for. Call us now.

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called 3 times in 20 minutes, RoboKiller: users reported receiving spam calls from this number. Negative. User reputation. Blocked. YouMail: Financial Customer Call, Hi my name is Jessica, or Ronald giving you a call with Client Services in reference to your existing credit card account. It is showing here in our system your interest rates are going to be increasing on your next monthly billing cycle. I see here that you are eligible for a 0% interest rate. So what I'm going to do is put this in a pending status until you give us a call back. I can be reached at my direct line which is 480-771-5730 or 771-216-9618. You can speak with me or any of my colleagues. Please use reference number 3257. Thank you and we'll speak with you soon. Another scenario: Hello, this is Natalie, and I am following up with the Financial HeartShift Apart. I'm not sure if you have spoken to an assigned agent yet regarding our HeartShift program.

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