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Hi this is Shanika calling from your Aetna Care Management Program I'm trying to reach ****. You can call us back at a time that's more convenient for you at 1-800-241-9379 option two. You can reach us Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Time. Again our phone number is 1-800-241-9379 option two. We look forward to speaking with you.


Hi this message is for **** this is Emily calling with Colorado technical University's reentry Department. If you could please give me a call back my phone number here is 224-653-7821 thank you.


This informational call may help you qualify for significant compensation. You are now the second caller in queue. If you or a loved one has Parkinson's, and you have ever lived on a farm, worked on a farm, owned a large property, or had your own personal vegetable garden, you may be entitled to receive up to $300,000 in compensation. You are now the next in queue. Settlements for this lawsuit are expected to be upwards of $300,000 per case. To qualify for compensation, you or a loved one must be experiencing restless legs or the symptoms of Parkinson's like difficulty writing, speaking, or walking. To avoid longer than normal hold times, our next available case representative will give you a call back in just a few minutes, so please state your name and your phone number after the tone.

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I called her a silly b**** and hanged up on her.

10/24/23 4:29 PM

Some Demorat socialist sack of crap calling about some loser socialist BS the Pedophile Biden passed.

10/30/21 6:24 AM

A charge has been added to your visa of 500.if not you call in or we will proceed with the transaction.I don't have a visa

Linda Daniels
9/10/21 5:47 AM

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