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There, is this you, hi, this is Leo from Essential Health Aid, bringing you a special announcement. You're potentially entitled to a $6,400 subsidy for your vital living expenses. But hurry, the window eligibility closes today. If you're under 64 and your annual income is below $50,000, and you're not on Medicare or Medicaid, you're poised to benefit. Want to lock in this subsidy by the end of March 2024? You're just one step away. Next one to connect with our support staff, seize the opportunity to ease


Ram with great news. You might be entitled to a $6400 subsidy for essential living costs. Act fast as the eligibility window closes today excluding Medicare or Medicaid recipients of those under 64 earning below $50,000 annually. If you fit this profile and wish to secure this subsidy by March 2024 and you're in the correct place. Press one to link with the support agent who can guide you further. If this chance to lessen your financial strain. Hit one to connect with a representative and secure your subsidy.


Hello this is Jenny from the Health Bridge subsidy program with some exciting news for you today. You could be eligible for a government subsidy of up to $6400 to help with your groceries rent and gas expenses but don't delay. Today is the last chance to qualify let's quickly check if you're eligible. This special offer is not for those on Medicare or Medicaid. It's designed for individuals under 64 years old who earn less than $50,000 per year. If this sounds like you and you're interested in claiming this subsidy before the end of January 2024 you're in the right place to get connected with an agent who can assist you further simply press one now. Don't miss out on this opportunity to ease your financial burden. Press one to speak with an agent and clean your subsidy today. You can also directly dial our agent at 844-346-6953. If you prefer not to receive any more messages. Press two or text stop to opt out or dial 844-262-1160 if you think you received this message by accident.

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