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Hi, this is Cassandra with the American West Group, calling you with some great news. I just wanted to let you know that you've been preselected for a $38,000 loan offer. Due to the current economic environment, we're extending this limited offer to only select individuals with great history. You can reach me directly at 8556350959 and keep in mind that this opportunity is only for a limited time. Don't let this slip away. Call me back as soon as possible, just in case, again, that phone number is 8556350959


Hello, this is Travis Tanner from American West Fund. I want to provide you with an update on your pre-qualification status. We have you eligible for a total of $59,000 for multiple monthly payments of around $539,000 a month. Please reach out to me at your earliest convenience at 8445731681 Any of our representatives can guide you through the next step. Again, the number is 8445731681


Hey there it's Tuesday and this is Bill over at the Tax Group calling about your pass filings. You can reach me at 943-218-9030. We show that you may be one of the people that has some past taxes still due and company help you get enrolled in the-used(?) to your tax program any small or large amounts would be basically non-collectible with this program. Give us a ring back and we can help you get set up it doesn't take very long and it's a one and done set up. I'll keep the account open through the end of the week and again my number is 943-218-9030.

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