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Okay. So the reason for the call today is Cigna now offers in excellent health plan package specifically designed for self, employed individuals will need these health plan packages offer full coverage lower co, pays and deductibles P P O network, which allows you freedom of choice and income protection for more benefits and a big savings on premiums compared to any market plan so can I go ahead and get this information out to you today. Great so what I'm going to do now is bring on my self, employed program assistant and that will provide you the programs details she will take about one minute of your time so please hold on while I Patrick so just one moment please. Hello, and thanks for connecting today. These new self, employed health plan packages offered by Cigna includes some unique and exclusive benefits these special health plan packages are lower cost compared to a traditional market health plan and have more robust benefits included within the plan the overall cost of these health plans are much more affordable and you have the opportunity to choose a private health plan or group network plan both will provide a significant savings and offer more benefits at a lower out of pocket cost you were now able to add certain benefits within the coverage that will provide you income protection and protect against high cost medical bills. Finally, these self, employed health plans are offered as a P P O or H M O you will have more prescription vision and dental coverage as the payment contribution from the insurance provider is more this will save you a significant amount of money on out of pocket costs. These are just some of the benefits of these special plans so now that you know a bit more about these special plans can I connect you with an agent that will provide you a quick quote and email your package for your review press one for yes or two.


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like being my able to see the message. sometimes it's hard to understand people with accents or talk super fast.
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It only gives 10 free transcriptions of calls a month and has banner ads, other than that, it's great because it notifies you through email as well
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Great Assuming you get extra features when you subscribe, the free version works great
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