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(208) 213-0635 was a Mortgage Loan Spam

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Hello there this is Roger calling regarding the mortgage hardship. Fresh start assistance package recently released from the new administration. Again this is a hardship assistance program. And if you have late payments or a valid mortgage hardship. You can get assistance that will bring you current reduce your interest rate and get you into a fixed low payment. Regardless of your credit. Again this is not a refinance. This is a hardship program. If you received the forbearance or you've tried to get assistance or you have any hardship with your mortgage or any late payments please call us to take advantage of this new program that has been recently released this year. We can be reached at 623-887-2459 again 623-887-2459 again that's 623-887-2459. Thank you and have a blessed day.


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(208) 213-0635

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