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(208) 213-0015 was a Business Loan Spam

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Hey it's Kate with Direct Funding. I was giving you a call to update you on the business funding. So actually hoping to catch you so I can send you an email with the details. This is actually my cell phone number so if you can when you get this message can you shoot me a text with the best email address for you so I can send that over. You can also give me a call at this number if you have any questions I just tend to respond a little faster via text. Thanks and we'll talk soon. Bye bye.


Hi, this is Natalie from Lynn nemo as a welcome offer you qualify today to get up to 16 interest free payments which can save you up to 18% of the total cost of your new loan Kerry Dean call 888859287 and speak with a representative Perry. This is a limited time offer terms apply.


Hi, this is Rob Beck calling. I'm sorry. I missed you. I'm reaching out to every voter I can between now and election day because I am running for reelection and I would like to connect with as many people as possible. If you have any issues you'd like to speak with me about or if I can answer any questions. Please feel free to call me at 208-820-2325 or I'll try calling again in a few weeks. If you call back and get my voicemail. Please leave a message. I will call you back when I can thanks again. This is Rob back.


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(208) 213-0015

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