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(201) 377-3677 was a Government Grant Scam

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Hey there this is Kelly Miller with AMG approval department. It's Monday the 16th and I'm not sure if you've spoken to an assigned agent yet regarding your company's employee refund credit but I do see here your company's refund is prequalified for up to $26,000 per employee. So if you could please be sure to give me a call back my number is 844-492-1444 and then I'm going to give you a reference number if you could have that handy when you call back that would make things easier for us. Your reference number is 010103. Thank you and I'll talk to you soon.


Yes this is Julie today is Wednesday the 16th. I still need to speak with you regarding your employee retention credits I believe your business could be entitled for up to $20,000 per employee but I do just need to come to woody's(?) could you please return my call at your earliest convenience for a member of this program.


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Difficult customer support Update: the developer went out of their way to reach out to me, and respond to help address the issue. While they still won't tell me information (such as how many days an inactive account will lead to deletion + how many days it takes for a YouMail account must be active as your voicemail to reset that timer), I can respect the genuine attempt to rectify the situation. No ones perfect. And since all I ask is an attempt/effect, I’m changing my review to 4 stars. The way I would give a 5 star review would be if I had received the above requested information. However, I have a hunch they don’t want to give it out because they don’t want a bunch of people taking up server space when they don’t use the app. While i don’t look down upon them for this lack of response as a human being, it still would have been nice to get the full information requested. Alas, it seems like the customer service agent was not given all the proper information and that miscommunication lead to the negative interaction. So I cannot ethically keep this review as a two star review, it just wouldn’t be ethically fair. Old review I don’t often write review where I give 2/5 stars. But...I feel as if the customer service was extremely rude and the app itself is being supported by inaccurate email notifications. I sent in a support ticket asking how to reset my password. During that conversation, I asked another questions. They are not responding to my questions, but they keep following up with “did we answer your question?”, as if they are ignoring me. They close the ticket despite me not getting a clear answer. Okay. I’ll open ticket #2 for the different question. I asked customer support in ticket 2 why I received an email stating my inactive account would be deleted. That would delete all the voicemails. They responded with that they don’t *think* they delete inactive accounts. Despite the email. I asked them if they are sure, and if they could get back to me with a response that is certain. I further explain my question was rooted in the fact that that my dead parents voicemails are on the app. They respond with instructions on how to download the voicemails without me requesting those instructions. I respond (again) stating that I did not want instructions on how to download it, I wanted certainty on their policy of inactive accounts. They sent me a email stating they *would* delete inactive accounts. The agent had told me they only THINK they don’t delete accounts. So I asked them again to double check to not give me inconsistent information , but certain information. They follow up this email AGAIN ignoring my response email by asking “just wanted to follow up to see if we answered your question”. I respond A THIRD TIME, And again, as if they are not even trying to respond but just focused on closing the ticket.... they close the ticket. When you send a client an email suggesting you will close there account...and refuse to answer their question and just flat out ignore their questions .... it’s not reassuring.

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It is very helpful and all my friends love being addressed by name when they call.
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I previously worked for a Unified Messaging company that sold into large carrier networks, so I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I've also been a YouMail user for over 6 years. This app is much better than good, with a solid set of features including voicemail-to-text transcription, emails with both the transcription and the original audio file, personalized greetings for specific callers, personal black lists (useful for stalkers and crazy exes), and a robust spam/robocall blocker.
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