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Hi, I'm calling you from AT&T DirecTV this call is to let you know that your account has been qualified for a 50% off in order to oil the discounts highly call us back the number you see on your caller ID. Thank you. And have a great day.


This is the department of social security administration. This prerecorded message is to notify you about the fraudulent activities under your social security number here by we have filed a lawsuit with an arrest warrant against you right now you and your physical property are the.


This prerecorded message is to notify you about the fraudulent(?) activity of your social security number. Hereby you have filed a lawsuit for the rest warrant against you right now using your physical property is being monitored by the DA and it is very important that we hear back from you before we proceed any legal manner to get more information about the case you may call our department number 315-615-3313. I repeat 315-615-3313. Regards United States Marshall and.

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